Cooperation across academic disciplines

The long-term goal of Uppsala Forum is to advance interdisciplinary research and education, as well as to promote internationalization among Uppsala Forum's participating departments, centres and faculties.

What Uppsala Forum Does

  • A large number of Uppsala Forum events are open to the public and to all employees of Uppsala University. Uppsala Forum facilitates seminars, workshops and lectures and hosts an attractive visiting fellowship program.

  • Researchers at Uppsala Forum units are eligible to apply for certain grants, including the Uppsala Forum visiting fellowship program, smaller planning grants and grants for workshops and seminars. A special grant program targets doctoral students at Uppsala Forum units.

Affiliated Departments

The following faculties are part of Uppsala Forum: the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Arts, and the Faculty of Languages at Uppsala University.

A Longstanding Tradition of World Class Research

In the formulation of Uppsala University's Research and Education Strategy for 2009-2012 the research area of peace, security and democracy was listed as one of five key strengths with a longstanding tradition of world class research at Uppsala University.

The Research and Education strategy emphasized that research within the aforementioned fields of study was carried out at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, the Department of Law, the Department of Government, as well as the Swedish Institute for North American Studies (SINAS), the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES), and the Hugo Valentin Centre.

Hence it was decided that mutual exchange and interaction between these units should be further strengthened through the establishment of a research forum and in 2009 Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice was established.

The longterm goals of Uppsala Forum include:

  • To promote interdisciplinary and inter-departmental cooperation within the constituent units of Uppsala Forum through joint seminars, workshops, lectures, panel debates, courses and other relevant forms.
  • To further an internationalised research environments at the constituent units.
  • To create the best preconditions to enable researchers to obtain and generate more external funding.
  • To function as a platform for research programs and external funding, as well as to be a clear partner for both donors and recipients of funding.
  • To jointly work for an improvement of the PhD and Master programs, where each department's special abilities and knowledge as well as their comparative advantages are utilised to the benefit of all those involved.
  • To more clearly integrate recipients of funding in the research environment and connect the research with practitioners within relevant fields.
  • To incorporate, in the long-term, researchers and students from environments outside the Uppsala Forum. 
Last modified: 2021-02-15