Uppsala Forum Reference Group

A reference group is linked to Uppsala Forum. The reference group is not a decision-making body but has an advisory role and functions primarily as an aid to the research director in the planning and implementation of Uppsala Forum's activities.

The Uppsala Forum reference group acts as a channel between the faculties and institutions that constitute Uppsala Forum. Its main task is to ensure that Uppsala Forum is firmly established as an integrated part of the participating institutions and faculties.

The reference group meets twice a year. Besides from that members of the reference group are invited to comment on Uppsala Forum activities continuously and independently through direct contact with the research director of Uppsala Forum. Members of the reference group are appointed by the heads of the participating departments or the research committees.

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Reference Group Members

Professor Jörgen Hermansson (Department of Government)

Associate Professor Anna Michalski (Department of Government)

Associate Professor Anna-Sara Lind (Department of Law)

Associate Professor Anders Thémner (Department of Peace and Conflict Research)

Associate Professor Lisa Hultman (Department of Peace and Conflict Research)

Professor Dag Blanck (SINAS)

Professor Erik Åsard (SINAS)

Associate Professor Tomislav Dulic (Hugo Valentin)

Assistant Professor Roland Kostic (Hugo Valentin)

Associate Professor Ann Marie Sätre (IRES)

Last modified: 2021-02-16