Symposium: "Resonances: The Radical Aesthetics of Peace"

  • Date:
  • Location: Engelska parken 30/11: 7-0043, 1/12: 2-K1024 , and via Zoom
  • Lecturer: Elizabeth Abel (University of California, Berkeley), Grace Brockington (University of Bristol), Claire Davison (Sorbonne Nouvelle University), Mark Hussey (Pace University), Christina Kullberg (Uppsala University), Jonas Lundblad (Uppsala University), Benjamin Martin (Uppsala University), Julie Beth Napolin (The New School, New York), Susan Sellers (University of St Andrews), Jill Stauffer (Haverford College), Jeremy Thurlow (University of Cambridge)
  • Organiser: Department of English, Uppsala University
  • Contact person: Elsa Högberg
  • Konferens

For the sociologist and philosopher Hartmut Rosa, ‘resonance’ is an operative concept by which to think against the entropic, aggressive temporalities of modernity. Instilled by a slower time-scale, resonance enables exploration of sustainable peace-building processes. While the relevance of thinking through resonance has been acknowledged in political theory, musicology and the cognitive sciences, the implications of resonance for literature and the arts, or for connecting aesthetic praxis with domains such as cultural diplomacy and pedagogy have received less attention. Likewise, the political outreach of the arts via the ‘sympathetic resonance’ of transmission from the age of sonic modernity to the internet call out for further investigation.

These are some of the challenges that this interdisciplinary symposium seeks to address. It brings together eminent scholars working in interrelated fields for a series of talks, exchanges and round table discussions that revisit histories and theories of the arts in terms of the radical aesthetics of resonance, where the reverberating influences and experimental structures of the arts intersect with visionary models for change: thinking peace and convivialism, construing conflict management frameworks or imagining alternative welfare policy, for instance.

The symposium will be held online and at Engelska Parken, Uppsala University, in conjunction with Claire Davison’s guest lecture for the Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice. No registration is required.

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