Temporalities in Migration Law. International Conference on the Temporal Dimensions of Migration Law, Amsterdam 1-2 June 2023

  • Date:
  • Organiser: Uppsala Forum and Amsterdam Centre of Migration and Refugee Law, VU Amsterdam
  • Contact person: Rebecca Thorburn Stern
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Time is arguably one of the most important governmental techniques to regulate migration. This conference co-organized by the Amsterdam Centre of Migration and Refugee Law, VU Amsterdam and the Uppsala Forum for Democracy, Peace and Justice, Uppsala University aims to bring together scholars in the study of migration law and time to further the analysis of the chronologics and temporalities of migration law. We endeavor to map the different ways in which time functions in migration law as a technique of temporal governance, with the intention to analyse what implications this has for temporal conceptions of justice. It has been argued that we have witnessed a ‘temporal turn’ in the study of migration, can something equally be said about the regulation of migration: is there a temporal turn in migration law? 

You find more information about the conference theme, the programme and registration here https://acmrl.org/temporalities-in-migration-law-conference-2/