PhD Conference: Rights for non-humans: AI, Robots, Cyborgs, Animals and Nature

An interdisciplinary hybrid conference for early-career researchers

On June 9-10th, 2022, the PhD Student Forum of Uppsala Forum organizes a conference on Rights for non humans: AI, Robots, Cyborgs, Animals and Nature.

About the Conference

While the 20th century has been considered by many the century of Human Rights, the 21st century has witnessed the explosion and burgeoning increase of discussions about granting rights to non humans From living beings, like nature, animals or cyborgs, to non living beings, like AI and robots, the bestowing of rights to non humans is becoming, justifiably, of higher interest among both scholars and policymakers This debate can also be envisaged as one of the most important for social sciences and humanities in the coming years Moreover, the discussions delve into essential societal questions, such as whose interests deserve higher protection, what is the role of agency in the ascription of rights, what defines and what ought to define a right holder, etc.

That is why this multidisciplinary two day conference aims to inspire innovative contributions to the debate about the rights for non humans with a special focus on the core topics of the Uppsala Forum for Democracy, Peace and Justice The conference is organized by the PhD Student Forum, an entity within the Uppsala Forum umbrella, that brings together early career researchers from various disciplines and institutes It is designed to encourage the development of new ideas and an exploration of the wider potential that collaboration across disciplines can offer.

The conference will take place in a hybrid form, online and in person, using a platform that is secure and readily accessible for all participants Presentations will be grouped in thematic sessions, all of which are open to all participants at all times Each presenter will be given 30 minutes in total, 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for discussions.

Organiser: Uppsala Forum is a joint effort by the Faculties of Arts, Languages, Law and Social Sciences at Uppsala University to promote interdisciplinary research on democracy, peace and justice. Its PhD Student Forum aims to gather doctoral students with an interest in these topics and to strengthen collaboration between them.

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