PhD Workshop on International Migration and Human Rights

  • Datum:
  • Plats: Rooms 4219A & 4220, Gamla torget 6, Uppsala
  • Arrangör: PhD Student Forum at Uppsala Forum
  • Kontaktperson: Lutz Gschwind
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Migration is a controversial topic that continues to dominate public debates in Europe even several years after the latest peak in cross-border movement. This workshop brings together 20 early-career researchers from Sweden and abroad who contribute to the debate in various disciplines including history, law, economics, linguistics, philosophy, and political science. All sessions are free of charge and open to the public. No access card is needed to enter the venue.

Organizer: Uppsala Forum is a joint effort by the Faculties of Arts, Languages, Law and Social Sciences to promote interdisciplinary research relating to democracy, peace and justice. Its PhD Student Forum aims to gather doctoral students with an interest in these topics and to strengthen collaboration among them.

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