Uppsala Forum is recruiting a new Research Director


Appointment as Research Director for Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice at Uppsala University

Uppsala Forum is recruiting a new Research Director starting 1st of July 2022.

About us
Uppsala Forum is a cross-faculty cooperation that aims to stimulate internationalisation and multidisciplinary research within the areas democracy, peace and justice within and between the cooperating faculties. The collaborating faculties are the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Arts, and the Faculty of Languages at Uppsala University.

Contents of the position
As Research Director at Uppsala Forum, you are responsible for the strategic and continuous work within Uppsala Forum. This means that you, in cooperation with Uppsala Forum’s Steering Committee and Administrator, shall:

  • Initiate and organise seminars, workshops, smaller conferences, book events, etc.
  • Process Uppsala Forum’s calls and applications for funding from the cooperating faculties’ researchers.
  • Initiate and support research and research groups within the area of Democracy, Peace, and Justice.

Your background
Uppsala Forum’s Research Director should be Docent, shall have good knowledge of ongoing and planned Forum-relevant research and other activities at the collaborating faculties, have a permanent position at one of these faculties, and conduct research that in a broad sense falls within Uppsala Forum’s three main areas of study, i.e. democracy, peace and justice.

In addition, the Research Director shall have documented experience of qualified and independent research administrative work, among other in the form of leading projects and writing grant applications. The position demands good capability of cooperating and collaborating across institution and faculty borders. Personal qualities in combination with pronounced and documented capacity for initiative is of great importance

The position is offered as an appointment of three years with possibility of extension. The appointment is for 20 % of full-time, starting from the 1st of July 2022. Through the position as Research Director, you are given the possibility to contribute to Uppsala University’s internationalisation effort, establish research networks, stimulating and initiating research in the area, which also widens and strengthens your own research and networks.

Your application
You are welcome with your application no later than the 30th of May 2022. The application shall contain a CV with a list of publications and contact information to references, as well as a cover letter. Application is to be sent to current Research Director Patricia Mindus (patricia.mindus@uppsalaforum.uu.se).

For questions, contact the president of the Uppsala Forum Steering Committee, Anna Jonsson Cornell (anna.jonsson_cornell@jur.uu.se) or Research Director Patricia Mindus (patricia.mindus@uppsalaforum.uu.se). For general information on Uppsala Forum’s activities and organization, please visit http://www.uppsalaforum.uu.se/.

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Last modified: 2023-04-05