An Interdisciplinary Meeting Place for Doctoral Students

Uppsala Forum hosts and funds a doctoral student cooperation, the PhD Student Forum. The aim of the PhD Student Forum is to initiate joint activities for doctoral students within the Uppsala Forum units.

What the PhD Student Forum Does

The activities of the PhD Student Forum are planned by the doctoral representatives in accord with the Uppsala Forum research director.

The PhD Student Forum aims to organize events that have a multi-disciplinary approach, in order to strengthen collaboration between young researchers in the Uppsala Forum environment. The ultimate goal is to foster cooperation on projects of an interdisciplinary nature.

All doctoral students at Uppsala Forum units are most welcome to participate in the activities of the PhD Student Forum. 

Doctoral Student Conferences & Workshops

The PhD Student Forum hosts conferences on issues of interest to PhD students and the larger academic community at Uppsala University.

2022: "Rights for non-humans: AI, Robots, Cyborgs, Animals and Nature"
2020: "Climate Change as a Challenge for Democracy, Peace and Justice"
2019: "PhD Workshop on International Migration and Human Rights"
2015: "Post-PhD—Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Possibilities"
2013: "Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity"
2012: "Presentation and Publication"
2010: "Research and Self-reflection"

Last modified: 2022-02-04