PhD Conference: Climate Change as a Challenge for Democracy, Peace and Justice

An interdisciplinary online conference for early-career researchers

This November 12-13th, the PhD Student Forum of Uppsala Forum organizes a conference on Climate Change as a Challenge for Democracy, Peace and Justice.

About the Conference

Climate change affects the fundamentals of society in both numerous and far-reaching ways. Increased competition for food, fresh water and limited natural resources, large-scale migration, poverty and threats to peace and economic stability are just some of the challenges that we may be faced with as a consequence of this ongoing environmental crisis. Together we explore these challenges, how they may affect various parts of society, what can be done to mitigate their adverse outcomes and how we can contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future.

The conference brings together 11 early-career researchers from Sweden and abroad who contribute to research on climate change in various disciplines, including economics, history, philosophy, political science and sociology. All sessions are open to the public and can be accessed free of charge.

Organiser: Uppsala Forum is a joint effort by the Faculties of Arts, Languages, Law and Social Sciences at Uppsala University to promote interdisciplinary research on democracy, peace and justice. Its PhD Student Forum aims to gather doctoral students with an interest in these topics and to strengthen collaboration between them.

Last day for registration: 11 November 2020
Contact and registration:

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers at this conference are Lara Fowler, Senior Lecturer at Penn State Law, and Matthew Scott, Head of People on the Move Thematic Area at Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

Lara Fowler, Penn State Law
Lara Fowler, Penn State Law
Matthew Scott, Raoul Wallenberg Institute
Matthew Scott, Raoul Wallenberg
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