Young Scholar Program

The Uppsala Forum Young Scholar Program provides an opportunity for PhD-students within the Uppsala Forum departments to invite scholars and practitioners in order to organize a small conference or workshop on a topic of relevance for their dissertation work.

The program is open for applications throughout the year.

The applicant is expected to organize the conference or workshop in cooperation with one or several other departments in the Uppsala Forum environment. The application (ca 2 pages) should describe why and how the visiting scholar(s) will benefit the applicant’s or applicants’ dissertation work.

The funding covers travel and lodging costs. The host department is to provide the visitor(s) an office or the equivalent for the total length of the stay. The Young Scholar Program covers applications for up to 20,000 SEK (including 30 % overhead costs).

The conference or workshop is normally expected to take place within one year from the notification of endorsement.


  • Granted amounts always include 30 % OH
  • Uppsala Forum covers costs for travel and accommodation only

For further instructions please see key documents below.

Young Scholar Program – Call for Applications
Young Scholar Program – Application Guidelines
(same as for seminar and workshop funding)
Young Scholar Program – Quality Assessment Criteria
Young Scholar Program – How to Budget

More information and Application

Please contact Uppsala Forum Research Director Patricia Mindus:
+46 (0)18-471 71 76

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Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES)
Box 514, 751 20 Uppsala